Draslovka has been reimagining what’s possible with the CN family of chemicals for more than 100 years. We are a Czech family company, driven by an international team working across the world. Our vision is to develop and scale solutions vital to sustainable growth, applying our expertise to deliver at a pace that sets us apart. Today, Draslovka stands on the three business pillars of Agricultural solutions, Mining solutions, and Specialty chemicals.

Reimagining the CN family of chemicals

For more than 100 years in Draslovka, the art of CN chemistry has been passed on from generation to generation. Today, Draslovka is recognized as a global leader in the R&D and production of CN-based chemicals. Our products are used in wide range of sectors, including agriculture, mining, automotive and pharmaceuticals.

We believe that the right way forward is to develop products and practices that leave our planet better than it was yesterday. That is why we are committed to safely and efficiently producing the highest quality products.